Busch and Company distributs FuelStat to commercial B2B customers and strategic distributors in certain channels of trade. Busch and Company maintains inventory and fulfillment operations that can meet next day order requests. Additionally, Busch and Company provides onsite customer consultation, training and support to help customers enable and adopt Fuelstat as the primary preventative maintenance fuel test for diesel and aviation fuels.

For ad-hoc and small lot purchases orders may be placed using a valid credit card anytime below. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

For larger purchases contact Busch and Company for a price quote. Direct bill and extended payment terms are available to qualified customers. Busch and Company requires a documented Purchase Order (PO) for larger orders.

Please contact us today at 855-542-4683 to learn how FuelStat can support your preventative fuel management program or distribution business. Our knowledgeable sales and support team will help determine the best configuration of FuelStat in your operation. Call us today!