About Us

Busch and Company Resource Strategies, Inc. has been providing solutions for commercial fleet operators since 1994.

Most recently, Busch played an integral role in providing early supply chain consulting and capabilities to commercial transportation fleets adopting selective catalyst reduction (SCR) fleet engine technology that requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Busch provided bulk DEF, related parts and equipment to online customers nationwide and to many of the largest commercial transportation fleets in the South.

Busch’s current focus is to provide innovative solutions to common operational challenges – solutions that enable commercial fleet operators to reduce expenses, increase asset life and up-time, while also improving overall safety.

Busch maintains a strategic relationship with Conidia Bioscience Ltd. (Conidia). Conidia manufactures the most innovative test for microbial contamination in aviation jet fuel, marine and land diesel fuels. Conidia’s proprietary, patented fuel test brand name is FuelStat and is sold globally via a network of qualified strategic distribution partners possessing deep domain expertise in various markets.

Busch and Company markets, sells and distributes FuelStat in the United States and Canada using a consultative approach that helps commercial fleets adopt sustainable, cost-effective, preventative fuel maintenance programs that produce real cost savings.

Today FuelStat is used by commercial fleets of all sizes, including the world’s largest commercial airlines, globally renowned marine ship operators and surface fleet users across rail, road and agricultural sites.